The Current Workstation

This view (hopefully) will change in the next few days.  Hoping/planning on closing on the new house, Casa de Pinch V. 2.0, next Wednesday.

I say hopefully in that I’m looking forward to having my own digs again, even though staying here with Mom in her place is great – and you can’t beat the view, but yeah…getting my own crib again after 4+ months…priceless ūüôā¬† I’m only 10 minutes from Mama’s place though, so that’s good.



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Happy New Year 2019!

Day-early wishes for a super 2019!

My first resolution will be to be more active on this blog!

Hold me to it. That is all. 

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RIP Weekly Standard? No…Good Riddence

The one-time conservative magazine Weekly Standard just went belly up. When a conservative mag like this goes full anti-Trump,  ye reap what you sow.

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So Much For The Party Of “Science”

The Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/Socialists like to think of their “side” of the political aisle as the Science side¬†– as they claim some kind of¬†science-based high ground on all things science.

So chalk this one right up there with their¬†belief there are no X or Y chromosomes or that gender is a construct or there is a “consensus” of¬†scientists regarding “global warming” (or climate change or whatever the latest¬†buzz-phrase is these days) (btw, there isn’t a “consensus”.)

‚ÄėA fetus needs permission to reside in someone‚Äôs uterus‚Äô


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The Chevy Volt is Dead

Chevy’s big entry into the electric car world will be no more. I remember seeing a number of these bought by the Navy at the Washington Navy Yard as  official government vehicles. Knowing the cost of them and watching the charging stations being built reminded me of the utter waste of government.

‚ÄúWe‚Äôre from the government ¬†were here to help.‚ÄĚ



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One of these things….

,,,is not like the others!

F/A-18 Hornets at NAS Oceana, 2015.

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To The Moon and Back

A nice capture of Joe “Reb” Edwards in his T-28 Trojan Navy trainer during the Culpeper Air Fest airshow last weekend (early October 2018.)

Joe Reb was an F-14 Tomcat pilot and we crossed paths back in the early 90s when I was with the Navy Operations team at Grumman in Calverton, NY and Joe Reb was doing F-14D sorts of things.

Joe ended up going on to a NASA career, piloting the Space shuttle on STS-89, the last trip to the MIR space station in 1998. Currently, he has a consulting company based out of northern Virginia and flies this beautiful aircraft on the air show circuit when he can through Joe Edwards Airshows.

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Hollywood Values

This is just insane. Hollywood actor Kristen Bell goes all Woke and politically correct on…a fairy tale.

Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna in Disney’s hit animated film “Frozen,” revealed in an interview published Wednesday her concerns about the message “Snow White” sends to her two daughters.

Bell told Parents¬†magazine¬†that she asks her daughters,¬†“Don’t you think that it’s weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission?¬†Because you cannot kiss someone if they’re sleeping!” she said.

Honestly.¬† If you can’t explain to your children what the difference is between a fairy tale and real life, you probably should just forget about that whole parenting thing.



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USS John F Kennedy, CV-67

Nice shot of my old carrier, USS JOHN F KENNEDY as she turns into the wind to launch and recover aircraft.¬† I took this from what we called high-holding, about 2,000 feet above the carrier as we waited for our recovery/landing time. We would watch, or “hawk” the deck to see when the last aircraft to launch were close to getting off the deck, then we would descend and get into our landing pattern. 90,000 tons and 1000′ of American steel.

The ship is retired now, sitting at a pier in Philadelphia, broken down and awaiting an ignominious fate, probably a ship breaker’s torch.¬† A number of groups have tried to save the ship for a museum but an unfeeling and uncaring Navy and overall cost of such an effort have proven difficult to get over. Sad.

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Blue Angel Knife Edge Pass

Was down at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach over the past 4 days for their annual air show.  As usual, it was a great time and the Blue Angels were the headliners, shared with the Canadian Snowbirds.

One of the shots that air show photographers look for is that crossing shot at show center where the team opposing solo pilots approach from opposite sides of the airfield, seemingly in in a head-on pass and end up passing by each other in a breathtaking maneuver.

As a photog, you try to capture that moment.  You need, though, a great deal of luck coupled with good reflexes, a fast shutter speed on your camera and a good multi-frame mode.

I think I captured a pretty good one (above) of Blue Angel #5 passing behind #6 at show center. I was tracking #6 coming from the right and started the shutter a second or so before what I thought would be the merge, and the timing worked out great.

Here are a few other show center passes I’ve managed to capture over the years.

Oceana, 2015

Below, USAF Thunderbirds,  Atlantic City, 2015

Below, Canadian Snowbirds, Oceana 2018

below, Breitling Flight team, Manassas Air Show, 2015

Below, Manassas Air Show, 2015

Below, Canadian Snowbirds, Oceana Air Show, 2018

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