99 Camelots Photo book

About the Book

A collection of photos I took in the air, on the ground and in between that are memories of my years spent with US Navy Fighter Squadron Fourteen, the World Famous Tophatters flying the F-14A Tomcat.

If you’d like a copy, drop me an email and we’ll figure something out! Cost for US folks is $55, shipping is included. Overseas fans of the Tomcat and Instapinch will be a bit higher because of shipping costs.



From the Intro:

“The title of this photobook, “99 Camelots”, is not a reference to any specific number of Tomcats. Rather, the “99” is a blanket radio call which would cover a specific group of aircraft, in this case our VF-14 Tophatter jets. “99 Camelots, charlie on arrival” would be the radio call from our ready room to all our airborne aircraft that they can expect to land on the carrier as soon as they arrive at the ship vice holding overhead.”