Morning on the Mountain

I’ve been in the new house, Casa de Pinch 2.0, for 4 nights now. This morning it’s slightly overcast but no rain. Quiet as can be with the exception of the usual bird songs and a woodpecker pecking the bejezzus out of a tree out back. In Woodbridge, even on a Saturday morning, there would be traffic, trucks, sirens, the sounds of dumpsters being emptied, all sorts of things. I think I’ll like this place. 

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3 Responses to Morning on the Mountain

  1. ORPO1 says:

    I do believe North Carolina’s Smokey Mountains agree with you Shipmate!

  2. Wendy says:

    Country living at its finest.

  3. Ron Snyder says:

    I’m sure that the Blue Ridge Mountains are glad to see you. I just spent three days in a cabin on top of a mountain about 20 miles from Boone. So peaceful. Most of the time the only sounds were the winds coming thru the trees and the birds (esp. woodpeckers and owls). Driving the Parkway is a pleasure if done during the middle of the week when traffic is minimal.

    Hope that you and the Pinch Clan are happy with the new home & area.

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