Roman 86

I have a sort-of ongoing theme that I call “Why We Fly.” We fly not always because we have to, but often because we love to.  I’ll try to post some more of these photos in the days ahead.

In this shot, taken in the fall of 2015, our wingman Roman 86, adroitly piloted by Bill “Pirate” Mills with Gary Velasco in the back seat, flies lead on Vandy 1 in the skies east of Naval Air Station Oceana as we perform some Air Combat Maneuver warm-up prior to the airshow that year. These jets, Czech-built L-39 Albatross trainers, are really sporty little beauties that can lay on the speed-smack when needed and pull 6 gs. I’ve mentioned before that pulling 6 gs when you are in your 20s or 30s is a piece of cake. Doing that when you are in your late 50s – you’d better have your chiropractor on speed dial.

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  1. but you had fun, anyway.

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