McRaven Resigns from Defence Innovation Board

I haven’t gotten really political much – or at all – on the Instapinch 2 during this reboot. That may change, depending on if I can wean myself away from that vacuous and vapid sucker-of-life-force Facebook.

This particular tidbit pretty much flew under the radar the last week or so with the Kavanaugh news and Hurricane Florence getting all the press:

McRaven Resigns from Pentagon Innovation Board

William McRaven, the retired four-star admiral who led U.S. Special Operations Command from 2011 to 2014, has resigned from the Pentagon’s technology advisory board following a public critique of President Donald Trump, Defense News has learned.

How do I feel about it? Great. For all his honorable military service and leadership and blah blah blah, his defense of a ultra-hyper Obama flack  John Brennan, who voted a straight Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) ticket back in the 1970s and was (read this next line carefully) later named to head the CIA, is inexcusable and as far as I’m concerned negates right across the board any claims of cogent and critical leadership or critical thinking skills when it comes to these issues.  In short, I’d be hard pressed to trust the judgment of McRaven when he states Brennan has “unparalleled integrity” (again, Brennan voted for CPUSA leader Gus Hall for President and Angela Davis – yes THAT Angela Davis for Vice President.)

That whole “Defense Innovation Board” is something that came out of then-SecDef Ashton Carter and leans, precipitously and hugely (you could also say “bigly”) liberal:

On the whole, political donations from board members skewed heavily liberal, with members donating almost $2.4 million to democratic candidates and political action committees (PACs), compared to just over $236,000 to GOP causes, according to disclosed campaign finance figures going back to 1998.

I, for one, am pretty certain I don’t want a bunch of liberals/progressives/socialists to be entrusted with coming up with anything related to US policy, much less military/national security. I’m sorry, but I’d rather a less hyper-partisan group do what innovative thinking that needs to be done.

McRaven has puffed up Brennan with questionable fluff such as calling him

“…a man of unparalleled integrity, whose honesty and character have never been in question…”

Obviously, some Trump Derangement Syndrome going on there.

So yes, I’m glad McRaven is gone from that organization – and more should go – and I hope he enjoys his retirement and disappears into the hedges and we don’t hear from him again.

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