Orange Selfie

Some orange flight suit lovin’! Selfie in an F-14D during an acceptance flight during duty at the Grumman facility in Calverton. As part of equipment issue while assigned to the Defense Plant Rep Office, we were given a couple of the standard Grumman orange flight suits, accutramented for our Navy status. I liked them – they had regular POCKETS in the front and were comfortable working “uniforms.”

The wings are back, so we had some smack on the airplane. With the hint of a dark blue sky, I’m wondering if this was the high speed dash test of the flight acceptance profile where we’d get up to mach 1.2 or so at 40k or thereabouts. Right after the high speed dash, we’d throttle back and elevate up to 50k for the altitude check. Couple of times we’d nudge up to 55k. I was always amazed at the view up there – from being off Long Island in W-105 you could see everything from southern Maine down to the Delmarva peninsula. Beautiful.

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    And they paid you to do it!!

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