Been busy with trying to get the house ready to get on the real estate market here in northern Virginia. We moved in here, the Pinchettes and I, in late 2003 after I spent the summer in the Gulf (Qatar) and the associated tax-free combat-zone pay. Aside from a few rooms being renovated, not much has been done over the years so there has been lots to do. Add in some medical things – a week in Georgetown University Hospital for some foot and tendon  surgery – and you can get an idea just HOW busy.

Anyhow, we’re back on the blog and will keep up more.  Trust me 🙂


Pic of the day are two special F-14 pieces. The top photo I took as we flew into NAS Key West for a gas stop enroute to Roosey Roads in Puerto Rico.   Bottom drawing is one my Dad did from a photo he or I took at the 1985 NAS Pensacola Air Show.  Love them both.

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2 Responses to Back…Again!

  1. SCOTT OLSON says:

    Probably wouldn’t hurt to rotate the photo, old thing!

  2. SoCal Pir8 says:

    Listen not to that Badger. Special photos deserve special places. I look forward to seeing you putting those on the new “I Love Me” wall in a few months.

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