An aircraft carrier is a small (some would say not so small) city on the sea. Physically, the ship is over 1,000′ long, weighs close to 100,000 tons and has over 20 decks or levels, from the keel all the way to the top of the island.  With over 5,000 men and women crewing the beast, they work in more than  3,000 spaces, offices, workcenters or work spaces and consume over 18,000 meals per day.

After a while you learn the maze of passageway and work center locations, but until you DO decipher the jigsaw puzzle that is an aircraft carrier, how do you get around? These helpful diagrams are all over the ship and can can help you sometimes when you have no clue where Compartment 105-17-3-L is.

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  1. Tennessee Budd says:

    Silly me–I thought that’s what the bullseyes on the bulkheads were for. They’re what I used to find my way around the 2 carriers aboard which I served (CV 67 & CV 59).

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