Hickory Aviation Museum

WAY back in May of 2008 we were headed down to North Carolina to see mom and dad. Some folks down at the Hickory Aviation Museum in Hickory, NC had contacted me for some reason about the last F-14D that had flown out of Oceana and arrived at their facility for display.

I had my old F-14A NATOPS manual, the big blue book that outlined all the standardized operating procedures and “user manual”, so to speak, that I was going to give the museum.

I flew this jet twice in March of 1991 as it came off the Grumman production line, once on a 2.4 hr acceptance flight and again a few days later on a 2.1. We sometimes had refly requirements to check something that may have not worked quite right on the first flight, hence the re-fly.

It was a good visit, and this shot was where I was relating some no doubt awesome maneuver of aeronautical derring-do to a couple of the museum guys. I had my log book out to show them the flights and a bit of what went into that side of the documentation.

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