A Navy Life – New Lieutenants

Brand new frocked lieutenants, “frocking” being we could put on the collar rank device but we didn’t received the pay or benefits until our date of rank arrived.  VF-14 88-89 Med cruise.

This promotion was huge, dollar-wise.  Going from O-2 to O-3, or Lieutenant Junior Grade to a full Lieutenant, was a pretty nice raise in pay, but we also received a huge jump in flight pay to the max, I believe it was, of $650 a month then.

From left, Tom “Trim” Downing, Jeff “Catfish” Hunter, Rock Wittrock, Kevin “QZ” McHugh, Mark “Pup” Mlikan, your humble author is on the right.

Trim and I had the alert, hence our being in flight suits with every one else in Khakis.  And you just know that cake went through the ship’s Cake Dryer before it reached us in Ready Room 3!

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