The Hangardeck Podcast

That aviation podcast I did a few weeks ago is out now.  Pitchlock Pete Bruno from The Hanagrdeck Podcast and I sat down for a telephone chat about the F-14, fighter squadron life, a bit about my Dad and a few other things.  You’ll likely be underwhelmed with the thing (!) but hopefully you may get a bit of mirth, entertainment, and the occasional nugget of aviation lore.

The link is here

F-14D RIO cockpit. 1992. This incidentally, is the last Tomcat ever built, BUNO 164604, “D Ship” number 37.  She now sits just inside the Naval Air Station Oceana’s Air Power Park.  She spent her entire flying career with the test and evaluation folks at NAS Pt Mugu in California so has the unique point of having never had an aircraft carrier catapult shot or arrested landing. For a navy fighter jet, that IS unique.



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