Goods and Others

In the sometimes wild and woolly world of Naval Aviation, the verbiage of the business can sometimes get interesting.

You’ve all heard of the phrase “goods and bads”, denoting the, well, good things about something and the, well, bad things.  Somebody somewhere sometime came to the conclusion that “bad” was too negative of a descriptor for something so they decided the word “others” better fit the lexicon.  “Others” is a take on the idea that nothing is inherently *bad*, per se, as long as you can learn from it.  It might not be “good”, but it doesn’t have to be “bad” –  its “other than good.”  A “learn-from-your-mistake” kind of thing.  Ok.  Whatever.

Which led to this patch that came out a number of years ago, riffing on the Tomcat-Hornet rivalry, the soon-then-to-occur retirement of the Tomcat (destined for dry, desert storage and museums all over the country) and the impending coronation of the F.A-18 Hornet as the “One Plane To Rule Them All” – fighter, strike, electronic warfare, tanker, no-doubt soon-to-be COD, ASW, SAR, yadda x 3.

So, I give you, Goods…and Others!

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  1. ORPO1 says:

    The sad thing for me is the Intruder was put to pasture ahead of the Tomcat. Intruders were what was there when the other jets called interrogative Texaco…….

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