Champ 416

Another shot from my Dad’s collection taken in the mid 1960s while deployed with Attack Squadron 56 off Vietnam.

VA-56’s nickname was the Champions, and the call sign was Champ. This jet, Champ 416, has the name of LTJG Jim Maslowski assigned to it.  Maslowski later went on to be a Blue Angel from 69-72 and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral.  He deployed for 3 additional Vietnam cruises with VA-113 on board ENTERPRISE and RANGER and spent his XO/CO tour with VA-94, the Mighty Shrikes, flying the A-7 Corsair in 1980-82.  He was the commanding officer of the carrier KITTY HAWK (CV-63) from 91-93 and retired on 1 January 2001 after a stellar career.  Well done, RADM Maslowski!

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