Attack Squadron 56, In Port, Subic Bay, PI

After a visit to my mom a few weeks ago, she gave me a couple thousand (I’m sure it is) of my dad’s slides that he took over the years, dating back to the mid 50s.  I’m still sorting through them, and these two popped up from a set he took while on his second deployment to Vietnam in 1966.  He was a lieutenant commander with VA-56, an A-4 Skyhawk squadron assigned to carrier Air Wing 9 on board USS ENTERPRISE.  His jet, Champ 403, was taken while in port Subic Bay, Philippines, while the other photo, Champ 416, was assigned to LTJG Jim Maslowski.

Aside from the amazing quality of these slides after 50+ years, the colorful paint jobs on these jets, while flying off into combat over North Vietnam, was amazing.  The Tomcats I flew in were primarily painted in the low-viz haze gray livery of today, and we weren’t even flying into SAM and triple-a or an IADS (Integrated Air Defense System) network.

More to come as I find them!

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  1. Dwight Cardwell says:

    What a treasure you have found.

  2. Banchero says:

    Great Job!

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