My dad passed away at 83 years old  on Dec 15th of last year.  I said in a post at that time that everyone faces these time in their life, at some point, and this is our time.

For the most part, we are usually spared the experience of losing a loved one, a friend, someone close or even just an acquaintance early in our lives.

As our generation ages, those of us born in the mid to late 50s and 60s, went to high school in the 70s and spent the 80s, 90s and early 2000s in whatever career or life we spent, our parents are reaching those years when many of them will stat to pass away.

My dad.  He was 24 when I was born. I had almost 60 wonderful years under his guidance and love.  My high school bud Laurie’s dad passed in January.  Just heard from another high school classmate, Mark Harrop,  that his dad passed a few days ago.  Yet another HS classmate’s father, retired Navy Captain Robert Caldwell, USNA class of 58,  late last month. Other close friend’s mom or dad have passed as well, over the years, earlier than they should have.

Add to that list those of our family/friends who were taken too soon in life, friends like Karl Bock, Lisa Trapp Jourdan, Chuck Ramey, Steve Stigall, and many more.

Its part of life and perhaps we should be better prepared for it, but most times we’re not.

I’m not really certain what I’m trying to say here other than take the time, now, to make sure those that you love or know or admire or value – make sure they know that. Tell them that.  Show them that.  I was so fortunate with my Dad, I had some pretty big foot surgery last August, with about 2 and a half weeks in Georgetown University Hospital coupled with about 3 months of recovery.  My dad and I got in the habit of talking every day, he in the mountains of western North Carolina, me up here in northern Virginia.  Every phone call ended with a “Love you, talk tomorrow.”  It was good.

Again, for our generation, the time for our parents to leave us is nearing.  Love on ’em.


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  1. Tom Cappelletti says:

    Well Said Pinch. Your Dad was a true warrior and I know he will be missed by the Paisley Clan. Tailwinds….

  2. Nancy Broadway says:


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