Thanks to Insty!

Many thanks to Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit  for the blog plug!  I’ve been a fan of Insty since the early noughts, shortly after Glenn started blogging, and from my blog name you can see I liked the cut of his jib.

For those of you coming over for a visit from Instapundit, I hope to provide something of interest.  The first Instapinch (“Pinch” being my Naval Aviation callsign I was given) I ran from 2003 or 4 until 2015 when I let it lapse.  As I explained on another forum, I was lured into a digital Lorelei called Facebook and was sucked down by the associated Zuckerberg whirlpool. The recent privacy screw ups and the very real fact that Mr. Zuckerberg made much of his billion dollars by knowing – and selling – what you and I and your friends and my friends and their friends all liked or disliked, where we went, what music we listened to, what movies we watched, where we lived, what food we enjoyed, what political position we favored, pretty near any and everything we talked about or shared led me back to the blog world.  I’m glad I made the move and look forward to the digital/social future.

And just because, here’s a picture of a Tomcat 🙂  Naval Air Station Key West is in the background and those clouds on the horizon are over Havana, Cuba, about 90 miles south.


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  1. Enthalpy says:

    Would that be a “Zuckerpool” where all private information is sucked in and delivered to the highest bidder?

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