Doesn’t matter if the hood is up for maintenance or if it’s dancing the skies “on laughter-silvered wings,” there’s just something about a plane.

Spending the afternoon at Culpeper Airport with Joe “Reb” Edwards and his beautiful T-28 Trojan.

Love being around these machines.

Edited to add: A few years ago Joe Reb was at the Pax River Airshow flying his demo routine.  I was there with the Warrior Flight Team and I caught this shot of him on one of his his high-speed passes.  He’s gone faster, both as an F-14 pilot and as the NASA pilot for shuttle mission STS-89, but speed is relative and this was relatively fast. Click on the pic for all its aeronautically sweet goodness.

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5 Responses to Airplanes

  1. Wendy says:

    Seeing planes like that at air shows keeps one spellbound.

  2. Just came over from Instapundit. Trained in the T-28 in Corpus Christi in 1981. Always wanted to fly one after I knew what I was doing.

  3. James Legault says:

    Nice photo! I followed the link from Instapundit and I’m bookmarking your blog. Thank you for your service, and your blog!

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