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A new widget over on the right side bar lists my current (and expected to expand) blog roll.  These are blogs of shipmates, friends and blogs I read on a pretty regular basis, and with the increasing drawdown of my interaction on Facebook, I expect to read more.  Most are milblogs or military-related, although they also touch on the everyday things that make up our lives.

Many of these blogs and their authors are tied together through mutual respect and admiration of Neptunus Lex, or more commonly known as just Lex, a retired Navy captain who was the quintessential warrior/poet/husband/father. His amazing gift for words, his writing and his leadership inspired many to get their own stories out.  Lex sadly left us on a snowy March day back in 2012 in an aircraft mishap in Fallon, Nevada.  The toast, as it goes,  “Guinness for strength and Jamison’s for courage!”

They’re all good readin’ so go build up their hit counts and enjoy!

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3 Responses to Blog Blogger Blogging

  1. Old AF Sarge says:

    Why thankee Mr. Pinch!

  2. That’s the Lexicans if you’re interested in reading the stuff Lex posted over the years. The original, alas, is gone, along with the pages and pages of commiseration that resulted with Whisper’s post of Lex’s departure. I got the word from Bill Tuttle, who was over in the AFG at the time.

    I still miss the guy a lot and I’m far from alone in that regard.

    • Pinch says:

      Indeed, Quartermaster. I tried for about 6 months, with Mary’s permission, to get Lex’s blog back up after it lapsed but nobody knew the password and there was no way they would grant me or anyone the permissions to get the data back online. Sad, but them’s the ways of our digital world. Funny…Facebook will sell your data in a heartbeat but to get the digital equivalent of a blog masterpiece back online was impossible.

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