Navy Wings of Gold

Here are the Navy wings of gold that my dad wore, above, with mine below. The difference between them are that he was a naval aviator with the iconic single anchor on his wings, designating him a pilot, while I was a naval flight officer with two anchors on the device, handling (in the Tomcat) navigation, communications, weapons systems and the like. Having the TWO anchors vice his ONE anchor meant that we were twice as good (Dad always guffawed whenever I mentioned that.) Both are symbols of so many things, not the least being dedication, perseverance, excellence and a deep sense of duty and service. The pin between them was his command pin, given to and worn by those who were chosen and honored to command a squadron, a ship, or some at-sea organization in our Navy.

Next time I get to slip the surly bonds of earth and go flying, my dad’s bling will go for one last flight.

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4 Responses to Navy Wings of Gold

  1. Tennessee Budd says:

    I can’t think of a better tribute to your late father, himself an aviator. You have my condolences–my Dad died in ’13, & I still miss him, always will, I suppose.
    I got here via OldAFSarge. Myself, former USN avionics tech (AX then AT), 1988-92.

    • Pinch says:

      Thank you, Tennessee Budd! You know how we all feel, then, but he’s not really gone – he’ll be with us always.

  2. Old AF Sarge says:

    A fitting tribute Pinch.

  3. AKM72 says:

    I thought the two anchors were to symbolise the extra weight needed to provide the passenger with a nice comfy rocket seat and in-flight entertainment system!

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