Many of you know my dad passed away back in December. Among his many talents, and I call him a true Renaissance Man of so many talents, he had a true gift for art. He did this one drawing of a friend of theirs and his grandson, taken from a photo he took. After dad’s passing, mom wanted to find these folks to send them the drawing.

So, I hopped on a Facebook and searched for the grandson and we connected last night. Unfortunately Ken, the grandfather, passed away a few years ago, but Drew, the grandson is very alive with a family and was blown away by the drawing. We’ll get it packed up for him and will bask in the bringing of joy to him and his family.

Yes, Facebook still has some goodness about it.

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  1. Dwight Cardwell says:

    Not sure if you saw my recent post on FB of me and my “college roommate” . He went to Old Dominion University in Norfolk and I went to East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. We met in September of our Freshman year. He came down to ECU to see his girlfriend. He needed a place to stay, my assigned roommate had already moved out to a frat house. His weekend visits went on for the three years I lived in the dorms.

    I was watching my Pirates play ODU in baseball a few weeks ago when I thought of Tom and did at FB search. Found him, texts exchanged and a halfway lunch meeting was arranged in Chatham VA.. Not the first time I’ve connected via FB. You know well what FB has been for The Lexicans.

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