Patriots in Poland

My special Polish correspondent, Anna, sends this note about the US and Poland signing an agreement that would see Patriot missile batteries going to Poland. This is a good thing, making stronger ties with those “old Europe” allies of ours and providing a stronger air defense wall against an increasingly resurgent Putin.

A bunch of years ago I interviewed for a PM position helping set up an Aegis Ashore facility in Romania. Aegis Ashore provided missile defense capabilities with the proven and mature Aegis system currently deployed on board US Navy surface combat ships. The first site in Romania became operational in May of ‘16. I did not end up taking the job, but like this US – Poland Patriot deal, the wall against possible Russian missiles is continually getting stronger.

From Anna, “…we are very happy about the deal, proud to be one of the countries that will have a top notch anti-missile system. And the offset part is great, it will create jobs etc.”


Patriots in Poland

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