And We’re Live!

I just put the “live” post up on Facebook. Hope this new/old site fits the bill and we can get some good posts and photos and discussion and opinion up. I really enjoyed the old blog and had a fair amount of success with it, then Facebook came along and like someone tempted by an easier way, I let the old one lapse. We’re back now, and looking forward to whomever stops by!


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5 Responses to And We’re Live!

  1. j mercer says:

    This on… tap… tap… 😉

    • Pinch says:

      It is, J Mercer! And it was Open Mike night!

      • j mercer says:

        Hopefully not like ‘vent-you-spleen’. har… just joking. 😛 Remember that place?

        Lead off with; I’m not pleased with FB these days with all the crap in the media.

  2. Old AF Sarge says:

    It’s about time!

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