A Navy Life

A Navy Life. First salute as a commissioned officer went to Gunnery Sergeant Jim Washington, USMC, my Aviation Officer Candidate drill instructor on 22 Feb, 1985. I gave him a silver dollar. 25 years later, as I left Norfolk Naval Station on my last day of duty, and while still in uniform, I had picked up a silver dollar from the bank that morning and as I stopped for gas on the base service station, I gave a silver dollar to the service member who gave me my last salute I’d receive while in uniform. Somehow it seemed fitting.

February 22, 1985.  A lifetime ago.

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2 Responses to A Navy Life

  1. Ron Snyder says:

    I love the symmetry- the circle was completed.

  2. SoCal Pir8 says:

    When I stood at the top of the steps going into Bldg 633 to receive my first salute from SSgt Delaney I held the Silver Dollar between the middle two fingers of my right hand. Once SSgt Delaney’s salute was made and returned by me, we shook hands where I released the Silver Dollar and SSgt Delaney deftly palmed it and upon returning his hand to his right side equally deftly slid the dollar into the pocket of his pants. If one was not aware or looking very closely at the action they would have not witnessed the exchange.

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