Welcome Back, My Friends…

…to the show that sorta kinda ended a few years ago. Welcome to Instapinch Version 2.0! I wish I could say this iteration will be funnier and faster and slicker and neater with neon lights and lasers and sound effects and dancing girls and explosions and everything else. Unfortunately it’ll be more of what you saw in Version 1.0…a smattering of photographs, Navy jets (especially the F-14, even though its been a museum piece now for over 10 years) and the occasional opinion tossed in there for good measure.

We’re still working out the kinks with this new format and hosting site, so bookmark the page and hopefully, at some point,  there will be something to tickle your fancy.

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19 Responses to Welcome Back, My Friends…

  1. laur says:

    Hey, comments work too!!

    Well. So far.

  2. SoCal Pir8 says:

    Great news. Both you and Brigid fire back up today.

  3. Teresa says:

    I shall try. But things are so crazy you will have to prod me on FB once ina while so I get over here. 😁

  4. Teresa says:

    Oh yeah, is there a mobile friendly format? I mainly use my phone now. And this one is a bit of a challenge on a small screen.

  5. Steve Heffernan says:

    Good on ya, Pinch! I found you and Lex and Steeljaw about the same time, been a follower since. Don’t say much, but am still collecting oral histories at the Naval Aviation Museum. Should you be in the P’Cola area, give a shout. Will put your stories in the archives.

  6. Wendy Hayes says:

    Great pic of the jet

  7. Old AF Sarge says:

    Welcome back Pinch! You’re bookmarked at my place. Looking forward to what you have to offer.

    Like SoCal Pir8 said, you and Brigid back in the same week. Wicked awesome!

  8. Russ Kinion says:

    I never had the privilege of browsing Instapinch 1.0 but came here at the recommendation of Old AF Sarge and it’s safe to say I’ll be back. Especially if you’ll be posting more pics of The Tomcat! Except for the F4U Corsair, the Tomcat is the sexiest plane the Navy has ever flown and I was very disappointed when they retired them. I envy you your time at the controls of the F14.

  9. John Donovan says:

    Snerk. I was looking for the “Like” button.

  10. John Donovan says:

    And, not bad, Instalanche in your first week, right? 🙂

  11. asherabrams says:

    Welcome back!

    • wpaisley1 says:

      Thank you asherabrams! I do say it’s nice to get back into this format and environment. I’ll bookmark you and read up on your thoughts 🙂

  12. Tom Cappelletti says:

    Welcome back to the Fight Pinch !

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