Pic of the Day Jan 13, 2022

Backyard stars

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Late Pic of the Day

I know. I’ve been failing miserably at my Pic of the Day project. It a bit of a “jump through the hoops” posting on the blog – logging in on the phone, connecting WiFi to the camera, downloading the pic, uploading the pic to the blog media library, writing the post, etc. plus I came down with a big of the crud last week that only lasted a few days but kicked my motivational butt. Hopefully I’ll get back at it on a re-regular basis.

Moon, Jan 11, 2022  With these 63-year old eyes, focus is still a roll of the dice.



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Pic of the Day, Day 4, Jan 4, 2022

One of my favorite tee shirts. Unfortunately, it’s pretty raggedy tattered now.


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Pic of the Day, Day 3, Jan 3, 2022

This Pic of the Day project for 2022 will primarily be a photo I took that day. Occasionally, though, I’ll toss in some from the archives, like yesterday (this post.) A bit of a “What was then and what is now,”. The view from my moms deck in Cullowhee, NC compared to my daily trip home from the Washington Navy Yard in DC for much of my nearly 20 year gig in that area.

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Pic of the Day, Day 2, Jan 2, 2022

Couple of images from my the I Love Me wall of my home office.


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Pic 1, Day 1, Jan 1,2022

CeCe and Max, mother and son  

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Test test is this thing on?

The latest effort to breath some life into this moribund collection of digital 1s and 0s. Like I alway say, I’ll try. Keep my feet…err, foot to the fire. The other foot is titanium so it wouldn’t care much about any fire.

Topics, anyone?  Anything? Go for it.

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Long Range Strategic Planning and the Green Movement

Great – but long – read by an old mentor of mine. The intro states:

“ The ability to conduct long-range strategic planning is a critical component for the success of any large organization. The US government is a large, very large, organization with almost zero demonstrated ability to build and execute a long-range strategic plan, (hereafter, LRSP). What does that have to do with the Biden administrations Green movement? Everything.”

Read on. Nobody on the left of on the Green New Deal side of this thing seems to have clue 1 about what would need to be done to attack this thing, much less solve the “problem.”

Marv Covault was the senior instructor when the Navy got big into the Missile Defense world with the ship-based Area Air Defense Commander (AADC,) a command and control system that provided C2ISR in the missile defense realm. The prototype was built at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD and later installed on two US Navy ships, USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) and USS Shiloh (CG 67).

Go read.

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War College Grad, 2005

Has it really been that long? 14 years? Holy jumping. Newport, Rhode Island, mom and dad were on their way up to Nova Scotia for a visit and the timing of their being able to be at the grad ceremony worked out great.

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Another day

Nice view. I miss that perspective on life. 


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